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Classic Elastomer Sleeves


Multi-purpose printing sleeve intended mainly for flexible packaging. Suitable for use with water-based, solvent-based and UV inks.






Product specification:


  • available on request, to specification:

          A: ---- Ø mm (Stork)

          B: ---- mm (sleeve width)

          C: ---- mm ( or Ø)

          D: ---- mm (print width)


Druk fleksograficzny








  • high level of dimensional stability

  • reduced shocks while printing

  • even printing

  • high robustness / negligible abrasibility

  • optimum ink transfer

  • resistance to two-component inks, e.g. white coverage


Technical data:


Printing area (solvent-free)

Mixture type/colour

EPDM / black


smooth, grinding

Rz roughness (acc. to DIN 4768)

7.0 µm

RA roughness (acc. to DIN 4768)

0.9 µm

Rubber surface hardness (acc. to DIN 53505)

65º Shore A


under pressure of 135 N/cm2 ? 0.04 mm

Strength medium

GFK sleeve

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