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Dry offset


Dry offset is an efficient and economical printing process. It combines the features of letterpress and offset printing, where a special printing plate transfers the image to a rubber blanket, from which the image is then transferred to the substrate.


It allows the printing of packaging such as tubes, cups, beverage cans or buckets.




Rubber blankets

PHOENIX Xtra Print Polska offers solutions based mainly on Continental products. We have solutions suitable for printing tubes, mugs, beverage cans and buckets. We deliver the material in a roll or self-adhesive version, packed to the required format.


Plates for engraving

We offer CML plates on a Continental steel substrate for dry offset printing suitable for direct engraving with fibre lasers. The plates allow for the highest quality printing.


Engraved printing plates

We offer directly engraved printing plates (0,73; 0.83; 0.94 mm) providing the highest possible quality of printing in dry offset and long life for both plastic and metal beverage cans.


Double-sided adhesive tape

We offer double-sided adhesive tapes on canvas and polyester backing suitable for sticking of blankets when printing in dry offset.

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