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Printing blankets


The correct selection and careful packaging of blankets form essential parts of the printing process, which ensure the maintenance of all the required parameters at the optimum levels. Blanket properties determine screen dot structure and size, as well as the surface coverage increase rate on the proof. On the other hand, rimming determines the matching precision and the robustness of the printing form.


PHOENIX Xtra Print Polska focuses on rubber solutions from a German brand, PHOENIX Xtra Blankets, packaged with state-of-the-art equipment, which ensures finishing precision and the high quality of the products.


Following the mechanical packaging process, each batch of rimmed blankets is subject to a pull-off test and secondary measurements of the thickness.

Conventional and packaging printing
Offset blankets for conventional printing are used with offset inks based on a mixture of plant or mineral oils, cured conventionally or by absorption and oxidation. The blankets are multi-layered, al...
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Heatset and coldset printing
In rotary printing, where printing speed is essential and blankets are subject to significant stresses and high temperatures, expectations towards products are on the increase. Like nowhere else, high...
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Printing on sheet metal, plastics and cans
Printing on a non-absorbent substrate (other than paper) requires the use of special products and blankets resistant to the aggressive ink components and the solvents found in cleaners.   We su...
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UV, LED and hybrid printing
UV printing uses inks containing photoinitiators fixed by ultraviolet radiation. This requires the use of special ink rollers and blankets resistant to the aggressive impact of the monomers and oligom...
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Self-adhesive blankets
Adhesive offset blankets are a specialised group of products for special applications.   With suitable inks, they are used for printing such materials as business forms, envelopes, stickers and...
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Special applications
The PHOENIX Xtra Print Polska product range includes offset blankets for a range of refinement methods commonly used in packaging printing. Depending on the application, blankets are selected based on...
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