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Printing chemicals and varnishes


Due to the complexity of the processing, the choice of available machines, the print substrates and consumables, and the types of print technologies available require the use of precisely selected printing chemicals and additives for extended service life, machine maintenance and cleaning.


On the other hand, the purpose of varnishing methods is not just to refine surfaces visually or to give them special visual qualities, but to protect them from mechanical damage, such as by scratching or abrasion.


To meet the customers’ needs, PHOENIX Xtra Print Polska works with renowned European manufacturers, whose products best the most sophisticated needs.

PHOENIX Xtra Print Polska selected the best from a globally renowned group of manufacturers. On this basis, it created a professional and versatile printing chemical programme, PHOENIX Xtra, which is ...
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Other products
Our company works closely with renowned European manufacturers to create product recipes tailored to the most sophisticated of printing and refining processes, to meet the customers’ needs....
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