Printing workshops on a unique printing machine from the 19th century


During the 10th Night of Museums at the Printing Museum in Nowy Targ it was possible to take part in typographic workshops conducted on the Austrian Helbig & Müller in Wien printing press from 1848. The works took place i.a. on elastomeric forms CONTI LaserLine CML 1.72 mm from PHOENIX Xtra Print Polska, BU M&MR Trading Polska Sp. z o.o.


The workshops, which were a printing journey in time, were conducted by Janusz Karpiński (owner of the Sotilo company) and Eryk Woźniak (a technologist and production manager of LIBRA-Print in Łomża), who managed to revitalize the historic fast press constructed by Christian Leo Müller in the first half XIX century. It is a copy of a flat, single-turn, alloy-cylindrical machine for letterpress printing. It is referred to as the "Rolls-Royce of printing".


We encourage you to read the history of the machine and the details of the revitalization work that we have already written about at the link below:,253,pl.html


The report from the workshops and the historical machine at work can be viewed on the websites of Nowotarska Telewizja Kablowa:  (material from 3: 45-11: 00)


We had a great pleasure to design the posters "Greetings from Gdynia", which you can see in the material and which were printed on a historic Helbig & Müller in Wien machine thanks to our CONTI LaserLine CML 1.72 mm forms.


We are proud that PHOENIX Xtra Print Polska could participate in such a great project!

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