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To provide a comprehensive service to printing companies, we offer a series of services to help achieve the highest quality of work and prints.


Plotter cutting

We offer a series of advanced services based upon our ESKO Kongsberg XN plotter.


We perform high precision cutting in all types of flexible and thin materials, such as paper, offset blankets, elastomers and polymer plates. Our plotter handles blanking die meshes that fit the 2,210 x 3,200 mm working area of the machine, in sheets or rolls. The plotter cutter sits perfectly in the right place on the blanking die thanks to a camera installed in the functional head of the machine, which identifies registration dots. The plotter is very quick in operation, with a functional head linear speed of up to 50 m/min and acceleration of 5 m/s2.


Print standardisation

We provide print standardisation services in accordance with ISO 12647.


We perform all measurements required to obtain constant print repeatability and identical image reproduction at each stage of the process, regardless of the printing environment and type of substrate, ink or refinement in use.


We make printing simpler!

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