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Varnishing blankets and plates


The application of varnish on select parts or whole surfaces is intended to refine the print with gloss or, inversely, to obtain a matt effect.


In addition to aesthetic purposes, varnishing is also used to protect printed surfaces, to increase their abrasion resistance or to shorten the production time — freshly printed sheets are ready for post-processing (except for offset inks, varnished sheets from the machine are dry).


The varnishing process requires using suitable blankets and varnishing or polymer plates.

Rubber on linen substrate
Varnishing blankets are designed for the selective or colour background application of a layer of varnish onto the substrate.   Essentially, the design of a linen substrate varnishing blanket d...
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Rubber on PET substrate
Rubber blankets and plates on a PET substrate are designed mainly for medium and high production volumes. With a stable polyester backing, it is possible to cut up to 80–90% of the varnishing su...
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Polymer plates
Polymer plates are an alternative for the packaging industry, which focuses on low and medium volumes.   Polymer plates are usually non-compression and available in three nominal thicknesses: 1...
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